Dare to Dance & Get a Date


Dare to Dance & Get a Date

Amazon No. 1 Bestseller


Dare to Dance and Get a Date offers a unique and refreshing solution for either a shy or inexperienced man who has problems approaching women and creating a situation for asking the lady for a date. The 10 steps guide is easy to follow and all the steps are based on real life situations in real places.

“You do not need to become a dancer…only THINK like a dancer”.

I remember listening to my mates in a sports team say that dancing is not for a real man, and that dancing makes you look weak. And because of my fears and doubts, I agreed with them.

But something bothered me.

How come most of us so-called “real men” came to the club alone and left alone? And how come the men who moved well and had confidence had no problem attracting the girls, and seemed able to pick any girl they wanted?

Have you ever asked these questions yourself? Do you have the same fears and doubts I had?

Do you feel you have nothing to offer a girl, so you don’t dare to approach her?

Do you feel that your looks, age or financial status are not good enough for any girl you would like to have fun with?

Are you a guy who is shy? Who lacks confidence? Whose fears come from a belief that he would not attract a lady and be accepted by her?

A guy who feels that without being a smooth talker or very confident, there is no way to get close enough to a girl to speak to her? Or that even if he did get close, there is nothing he could talk about? Nothing to entertain a girl enough to ask her out for a date?

Do you need to drink a lot to convince yourself to go up and talk to her? But from the moment you get up you already know the answer you will get as you feel empty and not up to the task? In other words, unprepared?

Do you belong to the many who leave the club with no one weekend after weekend?

Dare to Dance will give you all the tools you need for approaching and then being able to engage with almost any woman in any club where there is music and where ladies stand up for a dance. So we are talking about almost EVERY club.

All of this without compromising who you are.

To ask a lady for a date you MUST be in her personal space.

How to get there and what to do once you are there?

For many men this is an unsolvable problem.

This book is for them.

Follow the steps in the book and watch and follow the instructions on the videos that are attached to the book in chapter 6.

You are set for success.


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